Highland Tour Vintage Shirt


  • Image of Highland Tour Vintage Shirt
  • Image of Highland Tour Vintage Shirt

We are pleased to launch the next in our Vintage range which is the most requested shirt from the Highland Tour in 1989.

The shirt is a replica of the shirt and the shirt is a Black Gildan Heavyweight and available in Unisex Small to 3XL

We asked Simon for his memories of the shows which is below with some extra comments from Wayne


I'm not sure how the idea came about, but what a good one. All the years I've been in this band, all the travel, all the stories, yet I still say the Scottish tour of 1989 was my favourite thing we ever did. It was my first time in the Hebrides and I completely fell in love with the area, particularly The Isle of Skye which I've returned to a few times since and wrote a couple of pieces of music about.

The tour wasn't entirely like going back to our apprenticeship days in a Transit van - we took our PA, full crew and hotels for everyone - but at the time we were a high-profile band, so stepping down to church halls was entirely something we chose and wanted to do. I believe the jaunt fell some way short of paying for itself.

Tickets went on sale via the MWIS, with a package deal for the whole tour. There were 101 people who did this, so of course we dubbed them "The Dalmatians." It felt like we were all in this thing together; staying in the same hotels, hanging out in the same pubs and taking the same ferry rides. Oh those ferry rides. The magnificent scenery and whiskey in the bar. I'm sure I drank more Scotch that week than the rest of my life put together and became quite discerning with it.

The gigs were small, hot and sweaty. High energy from on and off the stage. I particularly remember The Gathering Hall in Portree, probably the most quaint place I've ever played. For 48 hours Portree was overrun with our lot and the locals didn't know what hit 'em. I remember there being high jinks in the hotel corridor and a band member (who shall remain nameless) (Err, hello. - Ed.) setting a fire extinguisher off in the wee small hours (twit.) (Twit inbloodydeed, all recalled in my next book, Heady Daze - Ed.) Next morning the landlady made him clean it up.(With an horrific hangover - Ed.) Priceless...like stepping back in time to a Carry On film.

It is most fortunate that we had filmmaker Leo Sanchez with us throughout the end of 1989, making the largely fly-on-the-wall documentary "Waves Upon The Sand", which I rewatched not long ago and always enjoy. Kind-of like a posh quality home movie of me and me mates. Been there, done that. I think I'll get myself one of them-thar t-shirts.

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